Human Resources Vision, Strategy and Execution: We’re with you all the way.

Kelly Keating

Kelly brings over 18 years experience to Black Box Consulting in helping clients improve the effectiveness of their HR systems and processes. She has served as senior consultant and project manager for complex HR projects with over 50 companies spanning 40 countries.

With any software implementation, the success and sustainability of a project is very closely tied to its planning process. To that end, below I share with you 6 key considerations, specific to ATS Technology implementations, before starting your implementation or engaging the vendor.

In today’s business environment organizations are constantly launching new strategic initiatives aimed at driving some sort of value proposition. These range from company-wide reorganizations to the implementation of a major technology such as an ERP or a Human Capital Management software suite. They say that somewhere between 37% and 68% of large corporate projects fail. There are loads of reasons – lack of sponsorship, poorly defined requirements, unrealistic timelines, and the list goes on.