Talent decision-makers must struggle with complexity every day. Attracting, engaging and retaining great talent is a multi-faceted operation. It involves processes that span all aspects of the business. From recruiting to compensation, workforce planning, performance management, learning and technology—it all has to work together to guarantee talent success.

The challenge: when it comes to making decisions and driving a strategy, how do you manage the big picture and the details? Black Box Consulting provides an answer.

Our Approach: Breaking Down the Complex Talent Management Lifecycle
The Black Box approach to Integrated Talent Management focuses on identifying the specific interactions that connect each process in the talent management lifecycle and link talent management operations to business strategy. The result is a clear view of the inputs and outputs that drive the functions within talent management, and the ability to identify gaps and determine a practical strategy to address them.

A Clear Path to Address the Complexity of Talent Management
By asking the questions that focus on the connections that drive today’s talent management function, the Black Box team helps organizations pinpoint specific problems, prioritize talent needs, and manage complex initiatives and projects. By applying the Black Box expertise, we help companies can turn complexity into simplicity and establish a clear path for success.