Human Resources Vision, Strategy and Execution: We’re with you all the way.

If you’re a talent decision maker, you probably have a love / hate relationship with your job. You might feel like you’ve been given the keys to a powerful but very temperamental car. The job is interesting and multi-faceted, but there’s also simply too much work, and something can go wrong at any moment. And so you triage your demands into usual categories: must do now, must do this week, and “get around to it” (which never seems to come). Nevertheless, the car keeps managing to roll forward — until it doesn’t. Why?

In last week’s post we teed up the idea of avoiding the war for talent by doing a better job of internal development and succession planning. The key to making this type of program successful is the leadership and communications necessary to ensure managers embrace the concept of internal mobility.

Today we continue the discussion and focus on the roadmap and supporting technology:

We’ve all heard about the war for talent. The cost of losing a talented employee to the competition or being unable to deliver a product on time because of resource deficits are problems many businesses face today. While there is most certainly a battle raging for the top talent across virtually all business sectors, the “winners” are gaining the most ground not by raiding the competition but by developing internal strategies for career path and succession planning.